Alfo Designs manufacturing company is located in Los Angeles. We have been in business servicing America for many years. Our company is established with one main principle - customer satisfaction. We are devoted to achieving excellence in every aspect of the jewelry making process. Our collection consists of exclusive designs. Each item is a unique creation of beauty which is achieved through careful design and precision. We are proud to feature a world-renowned team of designers whose tastes and talents have earned them a wide reputation. Alfo Designs not only strives to maintain excellence in the jewelry industry by having an extensive inventory of classic and modern jewelry, but also provides outstanding customer service. We offer custom design options so you can finally own a piece of jewelry that is perfect for your taste. We guarantee the quality of the stones and metals that we use. Our jewelry masters will materialize your dream identically to your description. We manufacture everything in-house, so the prices that you pay do not include dealer fees or the money that any store will add to the wholesale price. This, you save up to 300% by buying from a manufacturer compared to buying from a department store. However, you have the same quality and guaranty. In addition, you have the convenience of shopping on-line in the comfortable and pressureless atmosphere of your home where you can browse and search for the perfect piece and the lowest price. Our primary concern is the happiness of our clients. Whether you choose from many of our beautiful designs or create your own we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Quality and integrity are our main objectives.